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This preview originally featured two players, but the Hornets went out and waived Ray Spalding yesterday after I wrote this. Now the Hornets are down to one player on a two way deal. They’ll surely sign another at some point, but this preview can’t wait any longer.

Nate Darling Jersey

The Charlotte Hornets have one player on a two way deal as of right now. These deals keep players under team control, but the players will spend the majority of the time with the team’s G League affiliate. Two-way players are allowed to spend 45 days with the NBA team. The rest of their time must be spent in the G League.

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The Hornets used one of their two-way slots on Ray Spalding for the second half of last season, but he was just waived on Sunday. They used their second slot on Nate Darling shortly after the 2020 NBA Draft, and that’s who we’ll talk about now.

Darling is a shooter through and through. In his senior season at Delaware, he connected on 39.9% of his 8.4 3-point attempts per game and averaged 21.0 points per contest. He can shoot off the dribble, off the catch, and off of screens. He doesn’t need to be set or open to knock down his shots.

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The Hornets are clearly looking for a sharpshooting specialist in the mold of Troy Daniels or, more relevantly, Duncan Robinson to have in their back pocket. Darling certainly has the pedigree to be that player, but it remains to be seen if he can do it at the professional level. Beyond the 3-point shooting, Darling doesn’t have much to hang his hat on. He’s a 3-point specialist at the purest of levels.

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Since Darling is one of the Hornets’ two-ways, he’ll probably get extended run with the Swarm. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts and fills it up in the open run-and-gun style that G League games often turn into.

Nova Scotia sports history could be made tonight in Cleveland.

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Bedford’s Nate Darling has landed a spot on the roster of the Charlotte Hornets to begin the regular season, becoming the first player from Nova Scotia to get this close to appearing in a regular-season game.

The Hornets meet the Cavaliers to begin their season.

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The 22-year-old Darling, who played college basketball at the University of Alabama-Birmingham and the University of Delaware, signed a two-way contract with the Hornets in the off-season. He was not drafted.

He made himself eligible for the draft, foregoing a final season in the NCAA, after a breakout season last year in Delaware.

The three-point specialist was one of the NCAA’s top shooters, averaging 21 points per game and shooting 39.9 per cent from three-point range.

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Bedford’s Nate Darling grabs a loose ball during an exhibition game last week against the Toronto Raptors. (Jared C. Tilton NBA Photos/Getty Images)
He scored 672 points in 2019-2020, seven shy of the school record. He also set a University of Delaware record by hitting 107 three-pointers last season.

The six-foot-five inch Darling left Nova Scotia in Grade 9 and enrolled at DeMatha Catholic High School, a basketball powerhouse in Maryland.

In the summer of 2015, he returned home to etch his name in Canadian basketball lore, scoring 50 points to lead Team Nova Scotia to an upset of Team Ontario in the gold-medal game at the national under-17 championship.

Darling played a combined 13 minutes in two of Charlotte’s pre-season games, both against the Toronto Raptors. He did not appear in Charlotte’s final two pre-season games.

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Brought back for a second year with the organization, Joe Chealey provided the Hornets with combo guard depth and a sense of familiarity in both Greensboro and Charlotte this season.

Joe Chealey Jersey

A two-way player for Charlotte during his rookie year in 2018-19, Chealey returned for both NBA Summer League and Training Camp last fall. He began his second professional season in the G League, posting averages of 11.1 points, 3.3 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 1.1 steals in 34 appearances for the Greensboro Swarm, 24 of which were starts.

Hornets Joe Chealey Jersey

Needing backcourt help around the All-Star Break after injuries and vacated roster spots, the Hornets inked Chealey to a 10-day contract on Feb. 21. He made his season debut the following night in a home loss to Brooklyn and about a week later, signed another 10-day deal. The College of Charleston product remained on the team until play was suspended on March 11.

All in all, Chealey appeared in just four games for the Hornets, totaling two points, an assist and four steals in 33 total minutes of action. Despite not getting a tremendous amount of playing time at the NBA level, the opportunity was still greatly beneficial said the 24-year-old.

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“You always kind of get better with experience and time,” he said. “I understood the overall scheme, the game itself and what we were trying to accomplish. With the Hornets, I didn’t get a chance to play a lot, but I felt like I learned more than I ever have before in a year playing basketball. It was a good experience and I’m excited for what the future holds.”

He added, “Everybody plays a role. My role was different when I was down in the G League. When I got up on the 10-day’s, I had a completely different role and I tried to embrace that. I saw up close how the NBA game works and what all goes into it in terms of preparation. I got an appreciation for the coaches and the jobs they do so well.”

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Having showcased his versatility a bit this season as a primary and secondary ball-handler in both starter and reserve situations, Chealey pinpointed a few areas in particular he’s looking to address in a longer-than-usual upcoming offseason.

“[I’m working on] still managing the game effectively as a point guard, being able to slide over to the two because I have size, finishing consistently at the rim and obviously with the way the league is trending, just make the three-point shot at a higher clip. You can always benefit from shooting consistently. Those are the areas I want to improve on.”

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Chealey will be an unrestricted free agent this summer, and although his future is still uncertain at the moment, he’s ready for whatever the next chapter entails.

“I’ve [thought about the future], but not too extensively,” he stated. “We’ve just learned about how the season’s coming back [without us], and I had been working out the whole time in hopes that we’d be playing. Now, I’m shifting to offseason development mode. I’m focusing on getting better and the opportunities that present themselves. I’ll make the decision when it comes.”

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Charlotte Hornets President of Basketball Operations & General Manager Mitch Kupchak announced today that the team has signed guard Joe Chealey to a second 10-day contract. Chealey signed his first 10-day contract with the Hornets on February 21.

Undrafted in the 2018 NBA Draft, Chealey signed with the Charlotte Hornets and was converted to a two-way contract on Oct. 13, 2018. After becoming a free agent on July 1, 2019, Chealey returned to the Hornets but was later waived on Oct. 13. He has spent the 2019-20 season with the Greensboro Swarm of the NBA G League.

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The 6-3 guard has appeared in two games with the Hornets and has made 34 appearances with the Swarm this season. Chealey is averaging 11.3 points, 4.5 assists, and 3.2 rebounds in 28.3 minutes per game in the G League. In the 2018-19 season, he appeared in 43 games with Greensboro averaging 16.3 points, 5.4 assists and 3.6 rebounds in 31.3 minutes while on a two-way contract with the Hornets.

A native of Orlando, Florida, Chealey was a four-year collegiate player at the College of Charleston in South Carolina (2013-2018) and had career averages of 14.2 points, 3.5 rebounds and 3.1 assists in 31.1 minutes per game. As a junior, he was named to the First-team ALL-CAA and was seventh in the conference in scoring (18.0) and fifth in assists. (3.7).

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Miles Bridges has long developed a reputation as one of the league’s most athletic high-flyers in his two seasons with the Hornets. It’s not a shock, then, that the moment LaMelo Ball stepped onto the practice court in Charlotte, he pin-pointed Bridges as his lob target.

Miles Bridges Jersey

The pairing has already produced a number of highlights this preseason. No player has assisted Bridges more than Ball at four times. Three of those have been alley-oops and the one that wasn’t was perhaps Ball’s best pass of the preseason, a behind-the-back one in transition.

“The connection with me and Melo, it just clicked right away,” Bridges said. “As soon as he came here and it was our first practice, he just told me he’s going throw it up to me wherever. It’s been great.”

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Ball and Bridges’ impact on the court together hasn’t simply been through alley-oops. Through the first three preseason games, the two have played together for 35 minutes, accounting for over half of each of Ball (62) and Bridges (60) total minutes.

Albeit in a small sample size, when sharing the court this preseason, Ball and Bridges have a 113.3 offensive rating, a 92.8 defensive rating and a net rating of 20.5. Compared to Ball’s -50.0 net rating with Bridges not alongside him and Bridges -3.7 net rating in the same scenario, it’s a noteworthy stat and one head coach James Borrego has taken notice of.

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“I like those two and pick and roll,” he said. “I really do. That’s on me to get them involved more and pick and roll, especially in transition. You know, when Melo comes off and transition and Miles is flying into that early drag pick and roll and he just slips out of there and gets to the rim, that’s a tough cover in transition. It’s a lot of pressure on the rim with Melo getting downhill, Miles rolling to the rim. That’s on me to get that more apart of our offense moving forward.”

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Borrego’s decision not to move Bridges into the starting lineup to replace the injured Gordon Hayward in the team’s third preseason game could be at least partially tied to keeping Bridges in his current role alongside Ball.

As a player who has operated heavily in the pick and roll in his brief professional career, having a teammate like Bridges as a running mate in those scenarios is a huge bonus for Ball. His versatility as a roller to the rim or pick-and-pop threat is unlike any big Ball has played with before.

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It very well could be a big part of the team and their personal futures. But for now, at the very least, it will continue to provide plenty of highlight-reel alley-oops and dunks.

As Miles Bridges enters his third year in the league, his role on the Charlotte Hornets has never been more precarious. Questions abound as the signing of Gordon Hayward and the evolving Hornets offense may be signs that Bridges style doesn’t fit the new look squad. However, Miles has also shown an affinity to destroy rims like they insulted his mother. So, as we preview the 2020-21 season and what it might hold for Miles Bridges, let’s take a drive down memory lane and remember the dunks that got us here and what they might say about the future.

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The Problem Dunk

The Problem Dunk may be the best Miles Bridges dunk of all time. The baseline move, the transition from catch to liftoff, the cock-back with gravitational pull, then finally the knockout slam that tilts the earth off its axis. The reason it’s called The Problem Dunk is two fold. The first reason being that this is during Miles’ rookie season and, as the Hawk’s Dwayne Dedmon found out first hand, his dunks were going to be a problem for opposing teams.

However, the other reason this is The Problem Dunk is what preceded it. A wide open look from the corner that bricks off the rim. In his first two seasons, Miles has averaged 32.8% from beyond the arc. In order for Borrego’s style of pace and space offense to run with efficiency, the Hornet’s forwards have to be a threat from deep. Bridges, to continue to be a problem in the air, must be able to pull his defender to the 3-point line to guard him. The good news is that his 3-point attempts doubled from his first to second years, the bad news is that his accuracy never improved about 33%.

Quarantine Dunk

Call this the quarantine dunk because all the Pistons around Miles are standing a socially distant 6 feet away from him as he demolishes the rim. The Hornets ranked 21st in the league in transition points in 2019. In an offense that puts an emphasis on increasing pace and scoring that number has to go up. If Miles wants to keep his starting spot and role on this team, it is these types of plays that will keep him there.

The Hornets spent 120 million dollars on Gordon Hayward during the offs-season. Hayward plays the small forward position, and his acquisition can be seen as a direct threat to Bridges’ playing time and development. However, Hayward plays the position very differently. Miles averages about two assists per game, while Gordon averages four. Hayward is more of an offensive facilitator while Bridges is more of a finisher. There’s a way for both to exist on the same court and thrive.

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The TKO dunk

The TKO dunk has happened a few times in Bridges’ career. Firstly, this particular dunk was his third of the night; three knockouts equal a TKO. But most importantly, what it illustrates is the passion and ferocity with which Miles plays. My JV basketball coach used to call it, “The Want To.” He seems to bring energy to every play he’s involved in. There are echoes of this, kindred spirits in the league who play on that level: Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, PJ Tucker just to name a few. They bring the emotion of the game up; the best bring their team along with them. If Miles Bridges can unlock that, where he can transfer his passion, his “want to” to his teammates, then he can unlock another part of his potential

Maybe more than anyone else on the Hornets, Miles Bridges needs to pick a path in the 2020-21 season. Will he be the highlight reel forward who comes off the bench to ignite a second unit on the floor> Or will he increase his three-point accuracy, become a more aware passer, and ascend to that next level of player. That level where it doesn’t matter what Butler alum the team decides to overpay, the Hornets would be foolish to leave him on the bench.

Let me leave you with one last dunk, one against the defending champs; one to grow on: